How to Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 First: Samsung Reserve

Samsung Reserve is the first event of its kind: reserve the next new Samsung phone or tablet and be the first in your squad with the latest.

A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Little sparks joy like a new Samsung phone, especially when you’ve got the best one before the rest of the world has had a chance to get theirs. Samsung has officially unveiled a brand-new way to get yours as soon as they hit our shores: the Samsung Reserve program. It’s pretty big.

What is the new Samsung phone? When does the new Samsung phone come out? More importantly: how can you reserve yours before they’re all gone for the season?

How Can You Get the New Samsung Galaxy Before Anyone Else?

A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

In the marketing move of the year, Samsung is rolling out a new way to reserve the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy tablet: the exclusive Samsung Reserve pre-order portal.

This exclusive event begins today. If you’re adamant about staking your claim on the next Samsung release, we recommend submitting your reservation ASAP before they’re all already spoken for.

To pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S22 or the next Samsung tablet, all that you have to do is make your selection through this page and add your contact info in. You’ll be one of the first to get the new Samsung Galaxy S22, and you’ll also be the first to know when the next big thing from Samsung is right around the bend.

When you reserve either through this promotion, you’ll earn $50 in Samsung credit and unlock a bunch of other offers on Samsung’s best.


RESERVE YOURS NOW The Samsung Reserve Event

What Other Perks Can You Expect When With Samsung Reserve?

A new Samsung phone.

Aside from the fact that you’ll be among the first to receive the new Galaxy phone or tablet, you’ll also find a few other benefits when you buy through Samsung Reserve.

When you sign up for the first wave of new Samsung devices through this portal, you’ll be eligible for all the following perks:

  • The highest possible instant online trade-in values on a slew of older devices
  • 0% APR with no down payment when you borrow through Samsung Financing
  • Free returns on anything, no questions asked
  • An extra 5% off if you qualify for any other Samsung Offer Program

Once you’re in, you’ll receive a confirmation email and even have a chance to specify which trade-in devices you plan on using for your upgrade, if applicable.

This vastly-improved pre-order pipeline makes getting your ducks in a row easy, all without hawking over Samsung’s site the day of the device’s release. If you’re gunning for one of the first next-gen smartphones, you might want to take advantage of this incredible new system. Your results will be guaranteed.

ORDER TODAY The Samsung Reserve Event

It’s On: Snag the Latest From Samsung This Year

The Samsung Galaxy S22 release date is allegedly February 25th, but a reservation here will ensure that your pre-order will be accounted for no matter what happens down the line.

A new Samsung phone? 2022 is already looking up. Keep the party rolling with Samsung’s next big release, whether you’re on the market for a new Galaxy smartphone or Samsung tablet.

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