How to Disable or Permanently Delete Your Twitch Account

The Amazon-owned Twitch is an excellent platform for livestreaming games, music, cooking, and more, whether you want to watch others or stream yourself.

However, there might come a time when you want to disable or delete your Twitch account. Perhaps you need a temporary break from the platform or you’re moving to another streaming service.

Whatever the reason, we’re going to show you how to disable or delete your Twitch profile.

Are You a Twitch Partner or Affiliate?

Before we proceed, are you a Twitch partner, affiliate, and/or developer? If so, the disable and deletion processes outlined below will not work for you. That’s because you need to offboard from these programs first. To do this, you must contact Twitch Customer Services.

It’s an unfortunate extra step. However, once you are offboarded, you should be able to follow the instructions below like everyone else.

How to Disable Your Twitch Account

If you plan to return to your Twitch account at a later date, and just want a break for now, you can disable it. This doesn’t delete your account or any data associated with it.

That said, your username may also get recycled and be put up for grabs after six months (though this isn’t guaranteed to happen). As such, if you want to disable your account for longer than that and still retain your username, you should repeat the process below every five months or so to be safe.

You should manually remove anything that you don’t want Twitch to retain—your linked social media accounts, personal information, payment details, and so on. Twitch should automatically cancel any of your subscriptions, but you may want to do this yourself for peace of mind.


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Disabling your account means that you can’t chat, follow people, send bits, or do the usual things you would when logged in to your Twitch account. It also hides your profile from public view.

To disable your Twitch account, you must follow this process on the Twitch website (not app):

twitch disable account
  1. In the top-right, click your profile picture.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. On the Profile tab, scroll down to Disable Your Twitch Account.
  4. Click Disable Account.
  5. If you wish, explain why you’re disabling your Twitch account. This is optional.
  6. Click Disable Account.
  7. A message displays to confirm that Your account has been disabled.

twitch reactivate your account

When it comes time to reactivate your account, simply sign in. A message appears to welcome you back and asks if you want to reactivate your account. If you do, click Reactivate > Continue. If you’ve changed your mind, click the cross icon.

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitch Account

If you want the nuclear option, you can permanently delete your Twitch account.

This is irreversible and deletes everything associated with your account. Once processed, anyone can sign up with your old username, so consider this carefully if you have a brand name to protect.

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If you’re certain you wish to delete your Twitch account, go to the Twitch delete account page. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to access this page within Twitch, so use that direct link.

twitch delete account

Once there, you can optionally explain why you’re deleting your account. When you’re ready, click Delete Account. A message appears to confirm your account has been deleted successfully.

Even with your Twitch account deleted, you can still browse and watch streams to your heart’s content. Just be wary that some will be “subscriber only” streams, which you need an account for.

Consider an Alternative Livestreaming Service

Now that you’ve put Twitch on hold, or disconnected from it permanently, you might want to consider an alternative livestreaming service. While Twitch is the top dog, it isn’t the only way to watch people do things live. Consider checking out YouTube Live, for example.

How to Live Stream on YouTube

In this article, we’ll show you how to live stream on YouTube using both your computer and your smartphone.

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