Easy Steps: How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin in 2021?

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How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin

How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin
How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin

Once you’ve identified the best-matched audience segment, you want to create a lookalike. To do this, LinkedIn creates your lookalike audience with its Audience Expansion feature. Your Campaign Manager account generates a list of lookalikes that match the audience segment and fill your audience list.

LinkedIn has five different target groups and categories from which you can build your target group. If you include replicas, you can use a total of 17 target facets that LinkedIn provides to refine your doppelganger audience.

Why prople search for How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin? It’s simple answer is that Lookalike audiences are a way to reach out to new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they closely resemble your best existing customers. They are a great way to reduce your lead acquisition costs because they help address your ideal customers. With a doppelganger audience, it’s all about reaching out to people who are similar to your ideal customer.

So, How To Create A Lookalike Audience In Linkedin? To create a lookalike audience, you can first sign up for your ad account in the Campaign Manager. Go to your account assets in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and click Match Audience. On the Match audience page, click the Create Audience button on the left and select Lookalike.

Using a lookalike audience, you can target Facebook or LinkedIn ads to users similar to your existing website visitors or contact list audience. Google Ads will create a similar audience for you if it meets the required criteria, analogous to lookalikes on Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you have created a lookalike audience, match the audience you have created with the current contacts and target accounts of website visitors.

Click the multi icon just to the right of the audience name for which you want to create a lookalike and choose to Create Lookalike from the drop-down menu. Click the Ad Accounts drop-down menu and select Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads checkboxes for the accounts you want to use for the audience.

Recently, LinkedIn released the Lookalike Audience feature, which allows you to address users who resemble or match the audience you have created. You can click on the People icon on the top right of the page to create an emoji audience.

If you try your luck at building a custom audience with LinkedIn targeting, this facet of the feature will work for you and, in most cases, generate a more accurate audience. Lookalike audiences are identified by matching audience segments resulting from active LinkedIn users. LinkedIn analyzes data from users in your matching audience to find users who are most similar to them to create a lookalike audience.

In addition to targeting doppelgangers, LinkedIn has also announced an expansion of target group templates and a target group approach. To get started with Lookalike Audiences, create a suitable audience in the Campaign Manager.

LinkedIn Lookalike Audience is a tool that combines the characteristics and behavioral patterns of existing leads, customers, and website visitors with your data to identify other members who have similar characteristics and are therefore more likely to buy from you.

LinkedIn’s next update on that front, according to Digiday, will be a lookalike audience that will allow advertisers to target users with profiles similar to their existing customer lists. The feature has proven effective on other platforms such as Facebook but has yet to prove itself in recognizing relevant and similar features, a process similar to LinkedIn.

There are many reasons to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Still, doppelganger audiences are characterized by finding users who share similar characteristics and increase your audience by up to 15 times its original size. See how to use the LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences to find people who are similar to your ideal customer.

Using a lookalike audience on LinkedIn, you can increase the volume of your advertising campaigns by reaching a large number of qualified leads. For a LinkedIn lookalike audience to be created, you need to build your retargeting audience to reach a minimum number of at least 300 members – the minimum required for a campaign from LinkedIn. Once you have created the forms and generated enough leads, you can create your LinkedIn lookalike audience in the way listed above.

If you want to learn more about configuring LinkedIn lookalikes, I invite you to read this article: Know Different Types of LinkedIn Matching Audience (+Best Practices). Use LinkedIn to find target groups and add them to a LinkedIn campaign. Upload a contact list with suitable target groups to your LinkedIn campaigns.

With LinkedIn Matched Audiences, you can manage all your audiences from one dashboard and grow your lookalike business. You can create audience segments and use them in your LinkedIn campaigns. While LinkedIn does not allow you to create a target audience for simple website conversions, it does allow you to create one for CSV uploads, CRM integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and others.

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The customer lists used as source audience can reach new people with similarities to your current customers. Once the Foundation is set up with a robust source audience, you can start building a lookalike audience on many different ad platforms. As with a source audience, your lookalike audience is likely to be aligned with the source audience so that you can bring it to your website.

Facebook is a better platform for reaching audiences, and its lookalike audience tools are more mature than LinkedIn’s audience extension tools. Acceptance of LinkedIn ads with the lookalike audience function can put your business on the back foot.

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