How to Choose the Best Logo Maker for You

The logo is something that represents your business or cause. No matter either you have an online or physical business, you will always need a logo to represent yourself. There are several different ways to get your logo designed. If you are a designer yourself, then there will be no problem at all. But usually, the business owners do not have enough time to sit and design a professional logo. Here are some of the possibilities that you might opt for:

  • Work with a Logo Designing Company:

These companies have hired professional logo designers that will ask your idea/imagination into a logo. But the problem is that they are costly and if you have started a new business, then you might hesitate to work with them due to high rates.

  • Hire a freelancer:

On freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. thousands of professional designers will help you in designing or creating a logo. Again, the problem here is the cost, as the more professional the logo is, the more it will cost you. 

  • Launch a logo design contest:

Similarly, on freelancing websites such as, you can launch a contest where the freelancers will submit their designs according to your requirement. The design of which freelancer you select will be the winner and you will have to pay him the price. 

  • Use an online logo maker:

If you have just started your business, then the online logo maker will be the best option you can avail yourself of. These logo makers allow you to design as many logos as you can without a single penny charged. However, if you download that logo then you will have to pay them a minimal price. But comparatively that price will be much less for agencies and freelancers. 

Hence it is proven that agencies are typically out of range for entrepreneurs and startups. Similarly, if you start and contest, it can cost you hundreds of dollars and most of them do not offer revisions. In contrast, online logo makers offer unlimited revisions. You can design once and edit or modify the logo anytime with just a few clicks. 

However, if you are an entrepreneur and just started with your company, in my opinion, you should for the online logo makers such as These logo makers utilize certain algorithms and technologies that allow you to build a logo from scratch. No matter whether you have prior experience or not, you can still create a professional logo according to your needs. 

The pros and cons of using a logo maker:

  • Starting from the price, the online logo makers are the least expensive options available in the market. The limit of logos, you can design is unlimited. On the other hand, if you want to download them, then you only have to pay around 5$ to 50$ which is very less compared to the options. 
  • Logo makers are the least expensive option on the market to get a logo. Most are free to use, but many require you to pay to download the files if you want to use them. That cost is usually around $5-$60.
  • The best thing about these logo makers is that you can design them regardless of what time it is. For instance, if you need an urgent revision for your logo, in the case of a freelancer, you must message him, wait for his availability, and the revision could take up to several days.

In the case of an online logo designer, you can edit or revise your logo anytime anywhere unlimited times.  

  • Designing a logo for these online makers is a fast process. For example, if you hire an agency or freelancer, the process of designing and finalizing the logo can take several days. Whereas, on the online logo maker, you can design the logo fast. 
  • As time passing, the logo makers are getting more advanced and sophisticated. They are using better techniques and are featuring ease of usage. Now with a matter of a few clicks, you can create an attractive logo for your cause. 

Some of the Best Online Logo Makers


Make Logo free is a professional and one of the best online logo makers you can have. It allows you to design or recreate a professional logo for your business or website within a few seconds. There are thousands of templates and designs from which you can choose the perfect template for your logo and develop it.

Some of the features include:

  • 1000’s Free Logo Designs
  • You can add your Images!
  • Logos for Everyone!
  • Edit design after download.
  • Search Logos & Add Icons
  • Add Logos Elements!
  • High-resolution Logo Files
  • Vector, SVG, PNG & JPG

Not only limited to this, now you can choose from thousands of already created professional logo samples and edit them according to your wish. This will help you to save a lot of time as you will not need to build or design something from scratch.

2. DesignEvo

PearlMountain Limited’s DesignEvo is an easy logo maker that provides the most convenient design experience. Today more than 3 million people & businesses use our logo creator website to create their design logos. It creates logos in a simple and straightforward process while also providing multiple templates to choose from for your convenience.

DesignEvo has a simple interface where you can create your logo design. It is free to use for everyone, and it doesn’t require any design expertise. You can also download and share your designs with others. Best of all, there are no hidden in-app purchases or subscription fees associated with DesignEvo! So how does it work? Simple. DesignEvo allows you to change or upload images in the background of your logo to make a unique design based on your needs.

Setting up DesignEvo is quick and easy. You can choose from 100+ templates or create one from scratch for absolutely free in just a few clicks! Best of all, it’s quick, it’s free, and there’s no design expertise needed!

3. ThemeIsle Logo Maker

Themelsle features a user-friendly interface. With just a matter of a few clicks, ThemeIsle will allow you to create an excellent and effective logo. No matter whether you will use it for your website or business, it will be still great. After creating the logo, you will have an option to download it in PNG, SVG, or any other format you want. Moreover, the favicons are free of cost. 

4. Hatchful

Hatchful is another brilliant online logo maker developed by Shopify. It suits best the people that have not designed and logo prior and features an easy and simple interface. You can create an effective logo with the following steps:  

  • Open the Hatchful interface
  • Choose your niche!
  • Select the look accordingly.
  • Enter your website/business name.
  • Choose the scenario where you will be using the logo.
  • Finally, you choose the developed logo from the different templates that were created accordingly. 

Furthermore, you can edit the logos unlimited times without any hassle. 

In the end, I would like to conclude that you should give a try to the online logo makers once and you will not be disappointed at all. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on other sources, you can get your logo designed in a few bucks only. 

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