How to Change an Album’s Cover Photo on an iPhone or iPad

Want to change the image used for a photo album on your iPhone or iPad? It’s easy when you know how.

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Sorting your photo library into albums makes it easier for you to browse through them and saves you time scrolling through the long list of images you’ve taken years to collect. To aid this, you can change your album’s cover photo, so you’ll know at once what that album contains or even simply for aesthetic purposes.

Here’s how to change a photo album’s cover photo on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Change an Album’s Cover Photo in Photos

Cover photos serve as a thumbnail that tells you what the album contains. By default, the cover photo your iPhone or iPad sets for an album is the first photo in the album.

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While this is usually okay, sometimes the first photo doesn’t really represent the entire album. In such cases, you can select a different photo from the album to replace the current cover photo.

Note that this feature is only available for devices running on iOS or iPadOS 13 and later. To do it:

  1. Open the Photos app, then head to Albums.
  2. Select the album whose cover photo you want to change.
  3. Choose the photo that you want to be the new cover photo. Tap and hold the image until a contextual menu appears. Select Make Key Photo. This chosen photo will now replace the album’s old cover photo.


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If your iPhone or iPad is running on an older version iOS or iPadOS, you can still change the cover photo by rearranging the contents of your album and changing the first photo of the album. To do this:

  1. Head to Photos, then open the album whose cover photo you want to change.
  2. Tap Select in the upper right, then drag the photo you want to become the cover photo into the top-left corner to make it the first photo of the album.

Curate Your Albums With Ease

Selecting a cover photo for your iPhone or iPad photo albums helps you and other people know what to expect from them. It’s also an excellent way to curate your albums. You can even make a custom cover photo for your albums, so you know exactly what to expect from it if you can’t sum it up with an existing photo.

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