Home Releases: This Weekend’s Streaming Movies

When the weekend rolls around, we are usually tired and on several occasions we decide to lock ourselves in the home , giving up some fun plans. Thanks to the arrival of Movie streaming channels, we can enjoy the best premieres at home so as not to get bored at any time.


The great winner of the Oscars arrives on the Disney Plus platform. This time, unlike Mulan at no cost to those who have the subscription. The film with which Chloé Zhao entered the history of cinema by being the second woman in history to win the Oscar for Best Director tells the adventure of a woman, who after losing everything during the great recession, will begin a journey with her caravan living like a nomad in deep america. This premiere is an incredible opportunity to see the work of Frances McDormand without leaving home.

“No regrets”

It is a spin-off of the popular Jack Ryan book series that can be seen exclusively on Amazon Prime Video . No regrets is one of those home premieres that everyone wants to enjoy. Action, shooting and a good dose of adrenaline from the hand of a Michael B. Jordan who is willing to do anything to carry out his revenge.

“The Mitchells against the machines”

An entertainment proposal to enjoy with the little ones. The Mitchells Against the Machines is a home premiere, but one that has already been seen in theaters. This film that combines family and science fiction belongs to Sony, however, all those with a Netflix subscription can enjoy it from today.

“Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”

It never hurts to go back to the beginning of the fantastic trilogy that Christopher Nolan gave us. Both will be available from Saturday 1 on HBO. In this two-movie mini-marathon we can see how Batman saves Gotham with a huge cast: Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Liam Neeson and of course, Heath Ledger’s joker.

“I give you my eyes”

The social film about the mistreatment of Icíar Bollaín was ahead of its time. It premiered in 2003 and will arrive on Netflix on Saturday. An appropriate occasion to live this harrowing story that confirmed the talent of actors such as Luis Tosar, Laia Marull and Candela Peña.

7 Popular Netflix Movies To Watch At Home

Want to find out which are the most popular Netflix movies for a home theater afternoon?


‘Stowaway’ has recently arrived on Netflix and has already become a great success on the platform. The crew of a spacecraft bound for Mars discovers that there is a stowaway on board that could jeopardize the mission. They have no fuel to return to Earth and the means are beginning to run low. They must “finish” the intruder before it is too late.

I leave it when I want

A Spanish comedy with Pedro, Eligio and Arturo as the main characters. They have lost their jobs and find a vitamin complex for sale as the solution to their financial problems. With the support of Anabel and Jota, they jump into the world of the night and shady businesses to sell the merchandise. But they soon realize that they are not ready for it.

Fatal obsession

A 100% recommended movie if you like thriller. John and Laura are a couple who find Anna to be their surrogate mother. But as the pregnancy progresses, so does her increasingly dangerous obsession with John . The couple find themselves in a deadly game in which they must try to regain control of their lives.

Bad weed

‘Weed’ is one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now. A French film that combines comedy with social drama, and the result is fantastic. A con man with a complicated past takes over a group of troubled students who change his life forever.

Towards wild routes

The film is based on real events and the protagonist is Christoper McCandless, an idealistic young man who left everything and headed to Alaska to get in touch with nature and discover the true meaning of life.

File 39

A supernatural horror movie. Emily Jenkins is a social services worker and comes across her 39th case. A battered 10-year-old girl whose parents try to kill. Emily saves her and decides to take her in until she finds a family willing to adopt her, but soon realizes that the little girl is not as innocent as she appears .

City of thieves

And finally, ‘City of Thieves’. Doug MacRay is a Boston bank robber who falls in love with the head of one of the banks he robbed. While trying to control his feelings , he does everything possible to escape the FBI.

Oscars 2021: Chloé Zhao becomes the second woman to win the Oscar for best director and sweeps ‘Nomadland’

The 93rd Oscars ceremony was the first major in-person social event since all of them were canceled in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Expectations were high and the Hollywood Academy has gone to great lengths to make the gala look as normal as possible. A display of celebrities, haute couture and practically the same slow tempo that the screenwriters of the Oscars cannot overcome. Chloé Zhao and her ‘Nomadland’ culminated an award-winning run with the most important Oscars of the night: best adapted screenplay and direction for Zhao herself, best actress for Frances McDormand , and it has become the best film of 2020.

The actress and director Regina King marked the beginning of the gala, from the Union State station in Los Angeles and not from the traditional Kodak theater, saying that the guests, most of whom do not wear masks, “have been retested, tested, vaccinated, they are socially distanced and follow rigorous protocols. “We mourn the loss of many,” he recalled. Actresses Carey Mulligan and Andra Day dazzled with their usual Oscars glamor. Mulligan’s dress was clearly seen in many of the general shots of the gala.

Glenn Close saw the Oscar snatched from him for the eighth time but in exchange he saved a tedious moment by ‘dancing’ like no one else. Korean Yuh-Jung Youn, the cheeky grandmother of ‘Minari’, gave the bell and rose to 73 years with the statuette for best supporting actress in her first nomination. Daniel Kaluuya, who came out of the ceremony as best supporting actor for ‘Judas and the black messiah’, received his statuette saying he was “happy to be alive.”

Anthony Hopkins gave the surprise of the night by winning the Oscar for best actor for his work as an old man with Alzheimer’s in ‘The father’ with the magnificent Olivia Coleman.

A night marked by social distance and by the low influx of guests on the most important night in Hollywood, which has still managed to shine with well-known faces from Hale Berry and Laura Dern to Joaquin Phoenix, René Zellweger or Rita Moreno herself from West Side Story.

The second woman to win the Oscar for directing

Chloé Zhao , the Beijing-born filmmaker whose independent films chronicle life in the heart of America, became the second woman to win an Oscar for best director on Sunday . The 39-year-old filmmaker wowed Academy voters with her third film ‘Nomadland,’ a fictional drama that borders on documentary about the invisible community of older Americans who live in RVs and call the road home.

Following Kathryn Bigelow’s 2010 Directing Award for ‘In Hostile Land’, Zhao is the second female winner in the 93-year history of the Oscars. This is for anyone who has the faith and courage to hold on to the goodness within. And cling to the goodness of others, “he declared upon receiving the award for best director.

Born Zhao Ting and the daughter of a wealthy executive in a Chinese steel company, the director left the country as a teenager to attend a British boarding school, finishing her training in Los Angeles and New York.

But Zhao soon fell in love with the vast and wild rural settings of his adopted homeland, the United States: ‘Nomadland’ is just his latest tribute to the spectacular landscapes of sparsely populated, “passing” states like South Dakota and Nebraska. Zhao came across images of the Lakota Indian nation by chance while in film school in New York.

And feeling disconnected abroad in her early twenties, she decided she couldn’t do a better story about the Big Apple than “the ones that have already been told,” and decided to “go west.”

Her first film ‘Songs My Brothers Taught Me’, about a teenage girl who dreams of a life beyond the Pine Ridge reservation, forced her to spend months immersed in the remote Indian region of the Midwest. The film won awards at festivals, but Zhao’s breakthrough came two years later with ‘The Rider,’ another close to Western film shot in Pine Ridge and Badlands National Park.

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