Get Marka Tescil with Affordable Price

Marka Tescil is Turkish work. In English, it means a trademark registration certificate. Simply, we can say a trademark registration certificate or mark tescil is a special unique sign. It is a kind of identity for the goods, products, and services of the company. It can find in many ways like picture format, design, sigh, etc. It is very important that gives your products identities from other products or other different company’s products. This trademark is denoted as intellectual property so it is the protectable entity. 


There are many types of marka tescil or trademark certificate. 

1) For brand name- You can make marka tescil through your brand name. For this reason, you need a letter, word, graphics, logo, sound mark, etc. 

2) Registries of trademark- You have registered your trademark by the legal authority of the state. 

3) The name of the applicant will be declared as the owner of the trademark. 

How to do marka tescil or trademark certificate

a) You have to select a unique identity or mark your mark Cecil. It will give you a unique identity to your brand. 

b) You have to make sure that your mark is unique and not similar to any other company’s tarma tescil. 

c) After that you have to fill-up a form and place your application to the legal authority. You need to pay some costs for doing the marka tescil

The Company’s Offerings 

Many companies are offering this kind of service to the companies. One of them is Avrupa Patent. They are offering one of the best services to their clients. They have started their organization in the year 2000. They offer registration services to clients. They have already crossed 21 years in this industry. So, you can understand they have popularity in the market. They offer many services like registration services, trademark services, design services, etc. They offer European patent and trademark registration for a very long year. They have a specialized team who help the clients to get a trademark without any fault and hassle. They mainly offer their services in Europe and Asian countries. As a well-known company, they are very active in cities like Ankara, Antalya, and Istanbul in Turkey. They do all the documentation and paperwork job for their clients. As a client, you need to connect with them and after that, they will discuss all trademark registration. They offer a unique rate. Even after the service, they will offer the best customer service in the industry. They are a very trusted organization in many European countries. 


Marka Tescil or trademark registration certificate is a very important job. So, you need a very professional team who can handle the work. Avarupa Patent is the best organization for that.

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