Top 11 Free Cloud Server Without Credit Card

Searching for free cloud server without credit card? The you visited at the right place. In this article I have listed top web hosts that offers great discounts, free trials and without credit card trials approach also top most cloud server providers.

So, let’s dive into the article and learn about these web hosts, grab free cloud servers without credit card and which are the best cloud servers.


Before going to know these servers, you have to know few things before purchasing a VPS host plan.

Suppose there is one thing you should consider when purchasing a Linux VPS hosting plan, mainly if your website migrates from a shared platform to a virtual platform.

In that case, it is the use of a reputable service that provides you with access to adequate resources and provides you an additional level of security. Your VPS hosting plan? is managed by a web host responsible for any problems or techniques on the virtual server. Linux VPS are hosted and managed to help you as a beginner or novice, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Does Cloud Servers Really Offer Servers For Free?

There are tons of web hosting companies who offer servers for free and claim to give a free server for the rest of their lives, but that is impossible because a fully managed hosting service costs a lot and no one in the world gives one free. A few trusted hosts offer free servers for a limited time, but they will charge a nominal amount to cover expenses after that. Virtual hosting offers you a dedicated server with all the features for 1 / 4 or less of the cost.

Many companies claim to offer free cloud hosting, but few of these offerings are worth taking advantage of. Some hosts have a different approach to free plans, and some of the best free cloud hosting services offer paid upgrades to more vital services. I will try some of these services and explain what you can do with the cloud platform you use to build your websites and apps.

If you don’t feel cheated and don’t want restrictions or money guarantees, you can grab a web host for a completely free trial. Below are the top web hosts that offer a free trial for cloud servers for up to a month for free – if the service is not satisfactory, you can cancel your subscription. Find the names of the leading cloud server hosting providers and links to their free trial sites.

Top Web Hosts Free Cloud Server Without Credit Card

If you’re looking for a free credit-card-free cloud server that lets you create a cloud server in seconds, you can test your credit-card-free cloud server for up to 7 days.

Most shared hosting and hosting in the cloud won’t charge a penny, but you’ll have to pay $0.01 to prove that you’re not a robot and don’t spam. If you are only looking for shared hosting or hosted cloud host, the free credit-card-free trial is included.

#1. Cloudways


Cloudways is my recommendation because of its dedicated support team, excellent performance, and low prices if you are new to the cloud hosting world and not ready for such a service’s commitment. If you read this Cloudways hosting review, you will realize that I’m one of many who recommend this provider. Of course, Cloudways is not free, but there is a free plan, and while a free cloud hosting service can be tempting, one has to wonder if one is ready with the level of commitment and responsibility that comes with it.

Cloudways is a fully managed cloud hosting platform that enables digital agencies, developers and e-commerce companies to host phenomenal web applications supported by 24-hour support / 7 / 365. It is based on cloud servers that offer the best user experience and performance. Cloudways is listed as one of the best options for cloud hosting with a free trial.

You can choose from multiple products such as cloud computing, bare metal or block storage and get the desired dedicated cloud. These are some of the top web hosts that offer a free trial of cloud servers for a month. You can test a cloud server for free or buy one from leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM, HP, Softlayer, LinuxCloud & many more.

#2. Softlayer


With Softlayer, a pioneering name in the web hosting industry, you can deploy in just five minutes a public cloud instance with extraordinary features and use it for 30 days free of charge.

#3. AccuWebHosting


AccuWebHosting is a web hosting company based in New Jersey, USA, that focuses on VPS hosting solutions. To promote their VPS cloud hosting service, they offer $300 free credit to the service after a 60-day trial period. No credit card is required, and there are no fees if you upload your driver’s license or copy your passport before using the service.

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#4. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting
Inmotion Hosting

In general, Inmotion Hosting is a powerful and reliable option and one of the best choices in the web hosting industry. We recommend it to be small and emerging businesses because its packages and prices are very competitive.

#5. DonotPay

If you want to sign up for a free trial, DonotPay offers a bright and convenient solution. Some companies offer hosting tests without credit card details, and this is an added benefit for you. It helps web hosting companies to offer free trial versions to ensure you are a serious buyer who can afford to subscribe to an extended plan.

#6. GearHost


GearHost is an amazing cloud server provider. It helps to scale up your business with 99.999% uptime. It took few minutes to get on-board and launch your free cloud instance, and its entire process is extremely well thought of.

#7. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon’s premier cloud web service, AWS, is divided into three products: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Lightsail, and Elastic Beanstalk. The last two are designed as easy-to-use platforms that use the cloud computing tools that EC2 provides.

EC2 includes a free tier that provides complete access to a restricted set of resources, letting you get familiar with AWS’ support and configure it to your precise needs. The AWS free tier includes 12 months of access, during which you will get 750 computing hours per month. Impressive, and our specialist thought so too.

#8. Heroku – Best Free Cloud Hosting for Developers


Of all of the companies on this list, none provide a service as compact and simple to use as Heroku’s. There are far fewer choices and attributes to concern yourself with: Dynos make the building blocks of the services. They are made to execute code based on a user-specified control, and here there are only six types are available. The first one is totally free to use.

It is through this mixture of zero price and ease of use which Heroku becomes such a excellent solution for students and developers. As soon as you register and receive your dyno going, you can quickly receive a runtime environment up.

The free dyno will net you 512 MB of RAM and two process types (equivalent to 1 vCPU), which makes it a excellent platform for school projects and general experimentation. You will have the ability to run WordPress and similar programs onto a PHP environment, but you will find Heroku’s cloud example to be slightly weaker than its rivals.

#9. Google Cloud – Free US-Based Instances with a Lot of Storage Space

Google Cloud

Google’s cloud service, GCP, provides a slew of goods — but it can become very confusing. The sheer number of choices is guaranteed to send novice programmers back to the comfy arms of routine providers, so have a minute to decide if you are ready to get your hands dirty.

Compute Engine instances will be your best friends for building a WordPress site, and the free grade is always free. You’ll get 1 f1-micro instance a month on the free tier, and it delivers a surprising amount of storage space to play .

Google’s free GCP tier is a wonderful option if you’re searching for free cloud hosting for programmers, but you will want to maintain the United States to get the most from it. You’ll only find US-based cloud cases, and your bandwidth will not be available to destinations like China or Australia.

#10. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Azure provides a free product system quite much like AWS’: Many are free for 12 months, others for life, and a few are available for trial through the use of charge.

Azure’s generous free tools allotment, especially the bandwidth, make it a excellent spot for projects aiming for production-readiness. The resources you are going to receive for free (1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 5 GB space) are now greater than what a lot of shared hosting providers provide on their intermediate to advanced programs!

What is the catch? No catch actually, except the one which affects all of these cloud suppliers — these platforms weren’t constructed for the novice user. It requires experience, knowledge, and lots of time to get everything working together well.

#11. Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat, famous for its popular Red Hat Linux distribution, used to have an always free starter program for its dependable cloud platform. The starter program is no longer accessible, but there’s a 30-day free trial of OpenShift Online Guru, so Red Hat OpenShift still makes it on the list — if only because it is among the most effective cloud instances available.

The discontinuation of the free program is a drawback, but it will not stop OpenShift from being the ideal cloud hosting for pupils available today.

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Wrapping Up!

If the idea of giving out credit card information to a dodgy website doesn’t sound appealing, you can sign up for a VPS trial that doesn’t require a credit card. Most tests on virtual private servers require you to create an account with your email address, and many ask you to give up more information to sign in without a credit card. These tests typically last 30 days and provide a cloud server with access to cloud management platforms and capabilities.

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