Exploring Key Structures that Will Empower Women in Tech

by Analytics Insight

January 22, 2022

Women in tech

The role of women in tech is crucial to create inclusivity and diversity in tech infrastructures workplaces. 

Advancements in the technology sector is one of the key reasons for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Our current lives are inherently dependent on the rapid number of emerging and existing technological innovations, tools, and appliances. The present state of the tech sector is quite commendable since it has reached its peak point and it still continues to rise. But even after the domain’s progress, the tech sector suffers due to gender indifferences. We are all quite well-aware of the underrepresentation of women in the technology industry. The industry has a 80:20 ratio for male-to-female employees in science, engineering, or STEM fields. According to reports, only 25% to 30% of the professional computing jobs are undertaken by women, and 28% of the STEM jobs are held by women in tech. 

This issue is still existent in the modern-day tech businesses. Even though we are standing at the beginning of 2022, one out of three women in tech has accepted the fact that they faced workplace discrimination atleast once in their careers. In the past year, there has been a 61% increase in the total number of IT jobs, but only 19% of the total tech workforce are women, with 77% of the directorial and managerial posts being occupied by men. Women only hold 26.7% of the total executive, senior-level, management positions in the top tech companies. 


Companies have to extend more support

Even though these problems are still existent in the modern day industry, it is safe to say that there are several measures and structures implemented in tech enterprises to prevent gender inequalities, and provide a safe environment for women to work. But companies need to offer more. The problem starts at the grassroots, in the hiring process. Despite several efforts to recruit more diverse talents, including women, the presence of an affinity bias pertaining to men, puts women at a serious disadvantage during the hiring process even if their intentions are good. 

Affinity biases can even start before the job interview process, as certain job descriptions sometimes hold the reflection of the backgrounds of the people who have already held these positions before, leaving a little room for diversity.


Exploring Different Steps That can be Taken to Empower Women in Tech 

Encouraging and supporting women in the tech sector might be one of the prime aspects required to retain more female employees in this industry. Research and surveys have revealed that women who decide to pursue tech careers, and those who rise to the top of the executive chain have a strong sense of self efficiency and are passionate about their work. Not only that, they act as role models for other women employees. Therefore, companies can start employing more women executives. It will not only bring balance in the gender inequalities in the company, but will also allow a range of new ideas, from different perspectives to flow through the management, creating diversity in talents and opinions. 

Companies should also focus on closing the skills gap and continue the learning process for all the employees. Managers should encourage the employees to enrol in online learning programs which will provide them with the skills that they require most in their work. Besides, offering employees the training they need to address the existing skills gap could also target a broader issue with tech shortages. Another step that can be implemented is to allow women tech leaders, who have held executive roles, to train other women colleagues.

Another most significant step that can be taken is to not encourage tech’s bro culture manifestations. Surveys have revealed that several women have found themselves in uncomfortable situations due to tech’s ‘bro culture’ which can range from sexual harrasements and assaults. Such circumstances ought to make women uncomfortable, un-welcomed, and unconfident, even though they might hold the same or higher stature in the company. Hence, it is crucial that business leaders examine these issues closely and strive to make the workplace safer for female employees. 


Final Words

When it comes to the progress of women in the industry, there is still much work that is left to be done. But what’s clear is that women in tech need a lot of support and coordination from their employers. The change might be slow, but with continued support and enthusiasm, there will be diversity and inclusion in tech workplaces at a much faster rate than expected before. 

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