Every Twitch Chat Command You Need to Know

Whether or not you are watching a stream or operating your personal channel, these are all of the instructions you should utilize in Twitch chat.

Whereas there’s nothing unsuitable with passively absorbing leisure, there’s something particular concerning the interactivity that live-streaming platform Twitch affords. It implies that viewers can have interaction with the streamer and vice versa, constructing a way of group that is not attainable on companies like YouTube or Netflix.

For those who spend a little bit of time on completely different Twitch channels, you may discover that customers kind issues into the chat to set off actions and supply info. These are known as chat instructions.

There are instructions which everybody can use, like altering your username colour or voting in a ballot, and there are instructions particular to moderators and broadcasters, like banning a person or rolling a business.

Whether or not you are a viewer or a streamer, we have rounded up an inventory of all of the Twitch instructions you must know. Better of all, these work throughout all platforms—merely kind them into the chat and hit ship.

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Twitch Instructions for Viewers and Streamers

Instructions for Everybody
/@[user] Ship somebody a public message; it’s going to spotlight the message for the recipient.
/block [user] Block all chat messages from a person
/colour [color] Change the colour of your username. For those who’re a Turbo person, you may choose a hex worth.
/disconnect Disconnects you from the channel.
/reward [number] Randomly reward Subs (the variety of your selecting) to the group.
/me [message] Typically used to indicate third-person motion. The command removes the colon after your title and italicizes your message.
/mods Checklist all of the channel moderators.
/vips Checklist all of the channel VIPs.
/vote Vote within the ballot.
/w [user] [message] Ship somebody a personal message.
Instructions for Moderators (and Broadcasters)
/ban [user] Completely ban somebody from the chat.
/clear Take away all messages in chat.
/emoteonly Customers can solely ship emotes of their messages.
/emoteonlyoff Disable emotes solely mode.
/followers [duration] Limit the chat to followers-only mode; optionally, specify a time period (e.g., half-hour, 1 week)
/followersoff Disable followers-only mode.
/monitor [user] Monitor a person’s messages.
/ballot Create a ballot.
/endpoll Finish a ballot.
/deletepoll Delete a ballot.
/requests Opens the Channel Factors requests queue.
/prohibit [user] Limit a person’s messages.
/sluggish [seconds] Restrict the speed at which customers can ship messages.
/slowoff Disable sluggish mode.
/subscribers Limit the chat to subscribers-only mode.
/subscribersoff Disable subscribers-only mode.
/timeout [user] [seconds] Quickly ban somebody from the chat. 10 minutes is the default, or you may specify a time.
/unban [user] Unban somebody from the chat.
/uniquechat Stops customers from posting non-unique messages (like copy and pasted content material)
/uniquechatoff Disable distinctive chat mode.
/unmonitor [user] Cease monitoring a person’s messages.
/unrestrict [user] Cease proscribing a person’s messages.
/person [user] File non-public notes on a person and see their chat and moderation historical past.
Instructions for Channel Editors (and Broadcasters)
/business Runs a business (offering the channel is an Affiliate or Associate).
/aim Set a subscriber or follower aim.
/host [channel] Host one other channel on yours through the embedded video participant.
/unhost Cease internet hosting somebody on the channel.

Whether or not you're watching a stream or operating your personal channel, these are all of the instructions you should utilize in Twitch chat.

Provides a stream marker on the present time, with an elective description
/prediction Handle predictions.
/raid [channel] Ship viewers to a different channel.
/unraid Cancel the raid.
Instructions for Broadcasters
/mod [user] Grant somebody moderator standing.
/unmod [user] Take away moderator standing from somebody.
/vip [user] Grant somebody VIP standing.
/unvip [user] Take away VIP standing from somebody.
/guidelines Show the channel guidelines.


Defend Your Twitch Chat

For those who’re a streamer and you don’t need simply anybody typing in your Twitch chat, you may impose limitations. For instance, you may restrict the chat to verified accounts or those who subscribe to you. That is particularly helpful in the event you’re affected by trolls, or are a big channel the place your chat has grown too unwieldy to reasonable.

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Easy methods to Allow Verified Chats on Your Twitch Channel

Allow this Twitch function to guard your self from harassment throughout live-streaming.

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