Cronos Competitor Bitgert Makes It’s Blockchain Zero Gas Fee

by Analytics Insight

February 26, 2022

The Bitgert zero gas fee chain is the biggest topic in the cryptocurrency industry right now.

Just like Cronos, Bitgert is a DeFi project working towards increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency across the world. Though it launched earlier than Cronos, it has been delivering faster than almost all the cryptocurrencies that started in 2021. But it is the launch of the zero-gas fee blockchain that is making Bitgert the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the industry today. Below is more about how these Bitgert and Fantom are performing.



The Bitgert zero gas fee chain is the biggest topic in the cryptocurrency industry right now. In fact, the launch of the Bitgert blockchain has excited many crypto investors, and that’s why Bitgert price has been skyrocketing since the launch was announced. The Bitgert zero gas fee chain has come to address one of the big problems in this industry, which is the rising gas fee.

With some of the cryptocurrencies fees, like Ethereum, rising to $50, there has been a lot of growing concerns over the cost of transacting on blockchain networks. But Bitgert has a permanent solution with its $0.0000000000001 gas fee. This is simply a zero figure, making the Bitgert gas fee the lowest in this industry. The Bitgert blockchain is now faster than Solana, making it the fastest chain ever at 100k TPS.



The demand for the Centcex coin has been growing over the last few months and can be seen from the fast-surging marketcap. The Centcex crypto project launched in Mid- November 2021, but the team is delivering the roadmap fast. In fact, the team so far has been as the team had put it on the road. The Centcex exchange as per the road is going on fine.

The Centcex team’s dream of building a project with the largest utility is taking shape, and crypto investors are buying Centcex tokens to enjoy the 100% APY staking reward. With the massive number of products (unlimited number) coming up, Centcex investors will be some of the most rewarded.



The Cronos is an EVM-compatible chain by The Cronos chain was developed to increase utility on, and its performance in the market has been incredible. Just like BSC, Cronos has received massive adoption in the market. This can be seen from its fast-growing Cronos marketcap. The Cronos price performance has been good despite the crashing market in 2022. is working on increasing cryptocurrency adoption by building a platform that enables users to make easy and fast transfers of cryptocurrencies. The platform enables the buying and selling of crypto coins with over 20 fiat currencies using bank transfers as well as credit cards and debit cards.

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