Consider Top 5 Hottest Tech Stocks on February 4, 2022, to Yield Profit in Future

Consider Top 5 Hottest Tech Stocks on February 4, 2022, to Yield Profit in Future

by Disha Sinha

February 4, 2022

Tech stocks

Tech stocks are attracting investors for their stability and guaranteed profit in the tech-driven future from reputed tech companies. Thus, investors should consider these top five tech stocks today for avoiding the potential opportunity to incur a loss in digital wallets.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top five tech stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.


Logitech International S.A.

Current price: US$79.47

Market cap: US$13.21 billion

Logitech International S.A. is one of the top tech stocks to help people connect to digital and cloud experiences across the world. It offers pointing devices, PC webcams, accessories for mobile devices, as well as video conferencing room solutions. It is known for selling a wide range of products under Logitech, Logitech G, ASTRO Gaming, Jaybird brands, and many more.


Xilinx, Inc.

Current price: US$202.85

Market cap: US$50.38 billion

Xilinx, Inc. is known as one of the leading tech companies to design and develop programmable devices and associated technologies across the world. This tech stock offers Integrated Circuits (IC) in the form of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), adaptive compute acceleration platform, software development environment and embedded platforms, and so on.


Global Payments Inc.

Current price: US$144.53

Market cap: US$41.94 billion

Global Payments Inc. helps to provide payment technology and software solutions for electronic, digital-based payments across the world. There are three segments of this tech company such as merchant solutions, issuer solutions, as well as business and consumer solutions. These segments offer a wide range of services and solutions such as point-of-sale solutions, and payroll and human capital management services.


Citrix Systems, Inc.

Current price: US$102.25

Market cap: US$12.78 billion

Citrix Systems, Inc. is an enterprise software company providing app delivery and security, professional services, and many more at a global level. This tech company offers a diverse range of services such as Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Content Collaboration, Citrix Secure Workspace Access, Citrix Analytics, Citrix ADC, and many more.


Corning Incorporated

Current price: US$42.61

Market cap: US$35.37 billion

Corning Incorporated helps to engage in display technologies, optical communications, environmental technologies, across the world. The tech company offers hardware and equipment products, operator-grade distributed antenna systems, optical network evolution wireless platform, laboratory products, and many other products and services.

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