Bitgert Price To Reach $0.0001? Might Hit Cardano & Solana Marketcap

by Analytics Insight

February 27, 2022


Bitgert price was skyrocketing, and there is a feeling the coin price might reach $0.0001.

The Bitgert coin price has been booming the last few days. Even when the market was crashing, Bitgert price was skyrocketing, and there is a feeling the coin price might reach $0.0001. But is this price practical? Well, the answer is yes because there are so many exciting developments around the Bitgert project that made it outperform Cardano and Solana marketcaps. Here is more about Bitgert reaching $0.0001.



The biggest reason why the crypto community believes that Bitgert will reach $0.0001 is the anticipated high adoption of the Brise chain. The launched Bitgert gasless blockchain is one of the reasons the coin has been skyrocketing non-stop. The number of developers on the Bitgert chain is expected to skyrocket in the next few months. This is because of the zero gas fee, fastest TPS, and also the Ethereum smart contracts compatibility feature of the Bitgert chain. The Startup Studio is another program to increase chain adoption. These are reasons why Bitgert is going to reach $0.0001.



There is no doubt that Centcex will remain one of the best projects to watch this year. The Centcex launched three months ago, but the team has been doing well in developing the project. Important to note the fast delivery of the Centcex roadmap, which has made it attractive to the crypto community. But there is something more about this project, and the massive number of products is one of them. Centcex will have hundreds if not thousands of products built by the Centcex lab. The 100% APY staking revenue will be one of the best in the crypto industry. That’s why crypto investors like it.



The Solana coin is among the top largest cryptocurrencies in terms of marketcap. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that have managed to build a community of millions of crypto investors. Building the fastest blockchain that could support thousands of transactions in a minute is what made Solana grow fast. But Solana has now been toppled as the fastest blockchain by Bitgert and by a huge margin. The Bitgert chain is also cheaper than Solana. These are the major reasons that will make Bitgert reach $0.0001 and also hit the Cardano marketcap. Therefore, Bitgert might soon be among the largest cryptocurrencies, larger than Solana MC.



The Cardano blockchain has been on this list of the 10-top largest cryptocurrencies for a long time. The successful implementation of the proof-of-stake is the reason why Cardano skyrocketed. This is because the protocol immediately became the latest version of blockchain that was faster and cheaper, whence the huge marketcap. Bitgert might soon be the biggest thing in the industry and could even beat the Cardano market capitalization. This is because of the exciting features, like the zero-gas fee blockchain, even attracting the Cardano community.

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