Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB, Bitgert & Centcex

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB, Bitgert & Centcex – When The Bull Run Might Start For These Cryptocurrencies?

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January 21, 2022


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Every crypto investor wishes the coin they are holding will soon experience the bull run. But it does not happen just like that. There are many factors that contribute to bullish crypto, and not very many projects have been able to achieve and maintain it for a longer time. When will the bull run for these cryptocurrencies start? Well, read more below.



A look at the charts shows that Bitgert has had some bullish episodes throughout its life. But there is so much coming up in 2022 that will set this cryptocurrency on a bull run. Already, the anticipation has caused Bitgert token price to increase at a fast rate. The 2022 roadmap has two major products: a crypto exchange and a blockchain.

The Bitgert crypto exchange is coming in Q1, and this is when the cryptocurrency is expected to start the bull run. But the launch of the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain is expected to make this cryptocurrency explode. The gas fee is a big problem, and since there so no other gasless blockchain, millions of users will be joining the Bitgert network. Visit the Bitgert website for more.



Centcex is a cryptocurrency that can be said to have started the bull run already. A look at the Centcex charts for the last two months shows a coin that has been rising in the last few weeks at a fast pace. It is among the few crypto coins posting impressive gains when other big coins are plunging.

The Centcex project is just starting and already showing massive potential. The team is currently developing the Centcex exchange, and the database structure and the user interface are already complete. The completion of the Centcex no-KYC crypto exchange is when the real bull run is expected to start. Learn more about this project at the Centcex website.



The Bitcoin growth has been impressive over the last few years. But it was in 2021 an impressive ATH was achieved when BTC reached the $68,000 mark. Despite the plummeting and the current price of below 50k, there is still huge potential for Bitcoin to be in the bull run in 2022. In fact, the price of Bitcoin is projected to hit over $100,000 in 2022.

There is a lot of demand for Bitcoin in 2022 being created by the increasing number of online and brick-and-mortar stores accepting Bitcoin payments. BTC is also expected to eat more into the gold share in 2022. These are just some of the major factors that will put Bitcoin on a bull run.



The charts show that Ethereum is one of the worst-hit large cryptocurrencies by the previous plunges. But this will not stop the coin from the projected $8k price in 2022. The ongoing developments at the Ethereum network are the reason the crypto community believes the Ethereum might grow by over 100% in 2022.

The bull run for Ethereum is expected to come after the full launch of the ongoing layer-2 scaling protocol upgrade. The Ethereum team is launching the Hydra protocol, which will address the slow speed problem and the network to 1 million tps. This is when the real bull run will start.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu already had a massive bull run in 2021, and the question most crypto enthusiasts are asking is whether the cryptocurrency will do the same in 2022. There is an agreement that Shiba is one of the highly potent cryptocurrencies today. The bull run is yet, but there are many developments that are making it almost a reality.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem has been improved in 2022 to make the project attractive in 2022. The coming of the Doggy DAO will improve the project by giving voting rights to the community and also reducing whales’ influence. More products on the network, including NFTs, will get the crypto coin on a bull run in 2022.



The current performance of Dogecoin is impressive. Despite the plunging price, Dogecoin has not been doing that bad. It is also one of the crypto coins that recovered from the early January plunge very fast. The cryptocurrency is not currently experiencing the bull, but the ongoing developments are leading to it.

Dogecoin just got accepted as a cryptocurrency for paying for goods at Tesla. This is one of the biggest companies in the world to adopt Dogecoin. The inclusion of Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk in the team of advisors has also given Dogecoin a profile in the market. Note that Elon Musk has been commenting and promoting Dogecoin. With time, these factors will combine to make DOGE explosive.


Binance coin

It is true that the Binance coin is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been hit by the price plunge. But this is also one of the coins with massive potential to start the bull run any time this year. There is an increasing demand for the BNB that is driven by the growing demand for the BSC and the Binance exchange.

The Binance team is also increasing the number of products in the network. The Binance NFT marketplace is another fast-growing platform that is increasing the demand for the Binance coin. With the rising demand for the BNB in the market, the coin will soon be on the bull run. The project BNB growth by over 100% in 2022.

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