The 10 Best Web Hosting Services in 2021

E-commerce offers small businesses the best chance to tap into a global market worth USD 9.09 trillion.

You won’t grow your online presence if you don’t have a website that attracts new customers. We’ve compiled a list with the top small business web hosting options, including:

Which Are The Best Web Hosting Services in 2021?

  • Bluehost
  • InMotion
  • HostGator
  • GreenGeeks
  • Hostinger
  • A2 Hosting
  • SiteGround
  • DreamHost
  • AccuWeb Hosting
  • WP Engine
  • Hostwinds
  • Liquid Web

Don’t you know which one would be best for you? Keep reading: We’ll cover each option in this article to help you choose the best one.

1. Bluehost

Best All-In-One WordPress + Shared Hosting

Bluehost offers WordPress, WooCommerce and VPS HostingHosting. It also has dedicated, reseller, shared, and dedicated options. It’s the best solution for small businesses looking to get into e-commerce. Some of the highlights are unmetered bandwidth, a control panel in cPanel for site management, and a free SSL certificate. Bluehost’s simple and popular WordPress integration makes it one of the best web hosts for small businesses.

Bluehost’s shared hosting package is recommended for small businesses. It costs between $2.95 and $13.95 per month. It would give you 50GB of storage space and a domain free for the first 12 months. It’s a great way to get started.

Bluehost’s WooCommerce Hosting package is worth the investment. It costs $12.05 to $24.95 per month. You’ll also get a Storefront theme, which is automatically installed, and you have unlimited product sales.

2. InMotion

Perfect for VPS Hosting

Although it is a little more expensive for shared HostingHosting, InMotion provides the best support, storage space, security and support available. InMotion has its website builder that allows small businesses to create their websites without switching between providers.

InMotion’s WordPress package is as affordable as $4.99 per month and includes 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and unlimited bandwidth. Our favourite InMotion package is the VPS package. It starts at $17.99/month. If you are a growing small business and need more space, this plan provides 2 GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. It is an excellent option for sites with high traffic.

3. HostGator

For beginners, user-friendly web hosting

HostGator’s user-friendly design makes it one of the most popular small business web hosting providers. It also boasts a 99.9% uptime warranty and compelling features. HostGator also offers a “Gator” website builder that is suitable for beginners, similar to InMotion.

HostGator offers an entry-level Hatchling plan starting at $2.75/month. It includes standard features such as unmetered bandwidth, a complete cPanel Control Panel, and more. If you have a growing business, you might be able to get the Business Package at $5.95/month. It will give you unlimited domains and a dedicated IP. You can even get a VoIP Phone Service for free.

4. GreenGeeks

The Most Sustainable Hosting Option

GreenGeeks’ dedication to sustainable e-commerce is commendable. With more companies turning to the internet than ever before, it is practical. This provider has committed to reinvesting three times its power into renewable energy for the grid. Your small business can support good causes simply by continuing to operate as usual.

GreenGeeks’ hosting plans are also affordable monthly. It is another thing we love. HostGator or Bluehost, on the other hand, require customers to sign year-long contracts to get those discounts. Small businesses don’t need to worry about long-term commitments.

If you need more power, we recommend GreenGeeks shared hosting plans at $2.49- $8.95/month and VPS hosting at $19.95- $34.95/month.

5. Hostinger

Get the best web hosting deals.

Hostinger is an excellent option for small businesses that have tight budgets.

Hostinger offers shared plans starting at $0.99 to $3.99 per month. It also includes features such as free SSL and 10GB storage.

However, lower costs can also translate into reduced benefits. The provider’s support is sometimes poor, and downtime averages eight hours per annum. It is still a great deal for anyone looking for practical HostingHosting at a low price.

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6. A2 Hosting

Premium Cloud Hosting Options

A2 HostingHosting is the only provider that offers Windows hosting. It gives it an advantage over its competitors in providing compelling features. A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans are affordable at $2.99 to $14.99 per month. It is especially true when you consider its 99.95% uptime (not the best, but still impressive).

A2 provides everything you would expect from a reliable hosting provider like 100 GB storage and free SSL. But its cloud hosting packages are where it shines. These range in price from $5 to $371 per month, depending on your requirements.

7. SiteGround

Unparalleled Customer Service

SiteGround offers the best small business web hosting service and has the best support and help resources. SiteGround provides a comprehensive list of tutorial articles and a vibrant community forum, where users can get their answers of their questions without having to open a support ticket.

SiteGround is unfortunately also one of the more expensive options. Shared and WordPress hosting plans range from $6.99 to $14.99 per month. SiteGround’s WordPress packages are worth the investment considering all the benefits it offers. SiteGround is a high-quality service that offers excellent value for money.

8. DreamHost

Excellent Web Hosting for Larger Websites

If your business needs a more extensive website, standard hosting plans will not work. DreamHost is the solution. The shared hosting plan costs $2.59 to $4.95 per month (or $2.59 to $27.50 per month for WordPress hosting). It comes with 50GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, a great place to start your expansion.

DreamHost lacks phone support. It could prove to be a problem for those who need immediate assistance. Its 99.95% uptime and easy WordPress installation make it a strong choice on our list.

9. AccuWeb Hosting

Best affordable hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is affordable and offers excellent uptime, friendly customer service, and a Windows operating system option. This web host excels because of its dedicated hosting plans.

Street Price in the US: $33.36

AccuWeb Hosting’s dedicated packages are so good that we give them our Editors’ Choice award. AccuWeb Hosting is still one of the most popular web hosting providers.

10. WP Engine

Excellent up-time and customer support

WP Engine is an excellent choice for hosting WordPress pages. They offer excellent uptime, reliable customer support, and platform flexibility.

Street Price in the US: $35.00

WP Engine is an excellent host, boasting excellent uptime and WordPress-specific security. WP Engine is not the best WordPress hosting service, however. It lacks domain names and email hosting.

11. Hostwinds

Comes with amazing tools to create attractive website

Hostwinds provides robust tools that will help you create attractive and functional websites. It is an excellent choice for small and large businesses, and it offers VPS and reseller hosting plans.

Street Price in the USA: $45.0

Hostwinds‘ VPS and reseller options are both feature-rich, making them Editors’ Choices in these categories. Hostwinds is overall one of our top web hosts.

12. Liquid Web

Excellence at cost

Liquid Web, a managed web hosting provider, offers feature-packed plans and commendable uptime. However, its overall excellence will come at a cost.

Street Price in the USA: $59.00

There is various cloud, dedicated, reseller, virtual personal server (VPS) and WordPress server packages available. These have enough flexibility to power companies such as Eddie Bauer, National Geographic, Porsche and Symantec. Liquid Web does not offer a shared hosting plan, but you should expect to pay high prices for an excellent managed service that is enterprise-class. Small businesses and individuals may prefer DreamHost and HostGator to more affordable packages.

Considerations When Buying Web Hosting

It is really important to consider the type of business and website that you are purchasing web hosting. It is essential to understand what you are getting into, both your skills and the support you require. Hosting is not all created equal. Here are some things to be consider when buying HostingHosting.

What web skills do you have?

Many web hosting services can be used by almost every level of user.

Do you have no experience building websites? You might consider managed hosting from a hosting company that has dedicated support staff. It will provide you with the support you need to build and set up your website on the hosting platform.

Bluehost provides one of the most reliable web hosting services through their managed WordPress hosting service.

What are different types of web hosting available?

Users can share server space with other accounts through Shared Hosting. It is an amazing option for small businesses that use limited bandwidth and are looking for affordable web hosting.

Dedicated HostingHosting allows users to have their dedicated server. It is an excellent solution for large companies that need to scale up and require more resources. However, dedicated web hosting can be more costly, and users will need to maintain their site.

Cloud Hosting and VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) allow you to scale your web hosting without the physical limitations of a server. Cloud hosting is the best web host service for large enterprises and businesses that want to scale up without restrictions. Cloud Hosting or VPS draws resources from multiple cloud servers. It allows hosting to be done on a number of servers, rather than just one.

Many web hosting companies offer different tiers for each type of service. It is good to investigate each hosting provider and look at pricing, support features, and integrations.

What type of web hosting should I use?

Are you looking for shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting?

Suppose you are a new company and have never created a website before. A managed WordPress hosting service is a good choice. Bluehost is an excellent choice, with plans starting at $2.95 per month.

Suppose you have experience building websites and are looking for a dedicated service. Siteground provides a reliable web hosting service that is dedicated and comes with great support and uptime.

A2 HostingHosting is recommended for those who have experience managing websites and are looking for the best VPS hosting service. A2 Hosting’s VPS web hosting offers some of the most reliable VPS hosting for large-scale developers.

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