It is very difficult to get protein when you are a vegetarian. But if you know about right foods and eat it you easily complete your protein needs. In this article, we will discuss the top protein base plants that are good source of protein.

In new world peoples are shit to animal food to plant base foods in simple world we use word vegetarian. Plants are very important for humans and they also fill full all needs that a body needs. Plant base foods have all proteins and nutrients that a adult, a child, a woman body need.

In this article we introduce few plant base foods.


Chickpea is a legume and they have many nutritional benefits on health. Chickpea is also called a powerhouse. They are use in differently in home, you use it in salad, chicken curry and chicken sandwich. They are delicious in teste.

One cup of cooked chickpea have 7.25 g protein. If you don’t eat meat you need to add chickpea in your diet because they have ability to full fill your daily requirement of protein.


Almonds If you’re like me, you love our next choice. You will love them even more when you look at their nutritional value, especially their protein content. If you’re looking to carry a handful of protein-rich snacks, you can opt for almonds. One ounce serving of almonds will give you 6 grams of protein. Not just that, you will also get 4 grams of fiber. With almonds, you get loads of magnesium, manganese and vitamin E.

But there is one more reason you should be snacking on almonds. They give you healthy fats! The ones your body loves! Just make sure you’re eating raw or roasted almonds. That’s the best way to eat them for amazing health benefits.


Mycoprotein is a meat alternative you will often find in fake chicken nuggets and burgers. It is, in fact, a nutritious fungus based protein that gives you 13 grams of protein in just half a cup serving. But before you go shopping for mycoprotein foods, here’s an important piece of advice.

People with food allergies, especially mushrooms, need to talk to their doctor before including mycoprotein in their diet. Make sure you check the label of foods you’re buying for their mycoprotein content. Sometimes they might contain egg white.

Chia seeds

How about a crunchy addition to your oatmeal or almond milk smoothie? One that tastes awesome and doubles up the protein power? I’m talking about chia seeds. They’re a great addition to your diet, thanks to their impressive nutritional profile. One tablespoon of chia seeds gives you 2 grams of protein.

You can eat quite a few spoonful since chia seeds are low in calories! These crunchy, nutty seeds also have heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Isn’t that wonderful? Now all you need to do is eat chia seeds on their own OR sprinkle them on top of your salads.


Beans with rice This is a classic combo. Not just because of the taste, but all the protein power! When eaten together, rice and beans give you 7 grams of protein per cup. They also give you ALL NINE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. No wonder so many cultures across the world feature rice and beans as the staple dish.

Looking for a complete protein packed dinner? Why not have rice and beans as the main dish while you have chickpea hummus and roasted tofu for starters!


Some experts will tell you to avoid potatoes as much as you can. They aren’t your enemy. In fact, potatoes can be healthy if you cook them the right way. They’re so nutritious.

Who would have thought about them being a protein source? They really are! One large baked potato gives you 8 grams. You will also get loads of potassium and vitamin C. Just be mindful of cooking them in a health-friendly way.

Fries are potatoes too, but they have harmful cholesterol and bad fats! Instead, add hummus to your mashed potatoes to increase both the protein content AND taste!

Ezekiel Bread

You probably haven’t heard of this one. It does have a strange name. Who said you need to give up on bread if you’re looking to stay healthy? Breads can be nutritious if they’re made right. For instance, the traditional Ezekiel bread is loaded with protein. Just one slice of Ezekiel bread will give you 4 grams.

This bread is made from wheat, lentils, barley and a few other things. No need to give up on your favorite sandwiches and toast. Just replace normal bread with the Ezekiel version. You can make it healthier by spreading it with peanut butter. Or maybe make an almond butter tofu sandwich! So these are plant-based proteins.

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