Bernard Arnault – Biography Of A Wealthy Person

Bernard Arnault is a French tycoon, a representative of Celine, a symbol of chic, and a friend of Hollywood’s elite. He is at the forefront of world luxury fashion and has achieved almost cult-like status. His biography, Bernard Arnault’s biography, Bernard Arnault’s life, early years, career. Together they form a colorful tale of Bernard Arnault’s rise to wealth. Bernard Arnault’s biography is very revealing and offers an insight into the inner workings of the super-rich.

Bernard Arnault  Biography

Bernard Arnault was born on March 5, 1949 (age 72 years) in Saint-Cajetan-sur-Mer, on the coast of France. He was the child foods and pronouncing his name Arnon. According to some, Bernard was the illegitimate child of the King of French, Louis IV.

His father was arrested and imprisoned for refusing to sign the King’s deposition in March 1949, which declared him King.

Bernard Arnault’s life was turned upside down when he was arrested and spent two months in jail. He was allowed to resume his studies in the months that he was away from his country. By this time, he was famous as a designer and the richest man in the world.

He joined the newly established arrondissement Francaise in Saint-Cajetan-sur-Mer, with Maximilien de La Rochefoucauld and Thierry Henry, whose company had merged with the Italian firm, Intermodal. The two formed L’Auto Montreaux, which later became L’IGA, the most prestigious company in Europe.

Built Bernard Arnault’s wealth on creating and designing clothes for the wealthy. His first clothing was designed for Polo’s, and he continued with great success designing clothing for the likes of King Louis XIV.

Arnault’s wealth grew as he was also making investments in industrial ventures. He joined the board of Credit Suisse board and invested part of his funds in the Cote D’Epoca factory, which later became part of Snellex.

Bernard Arnault net worth is 192.2 billion USD (2021).

Documented Bernard Arnault’s early life at length in his life profile. Many biographies fail to mention this as they concentrate solely on his financial achievements and leave out his innovative designs and his association with the French business and political elite.

As was noted by his biographer, Vincent Coelho, his “personal and professional life is intimately connected with the development of modern fashion in the late nineteenth century.”

The early years of Bernard Arnault’s life also included his association with the conservative circles of the French polis. He was deeply impressed by the social sophistication of the French and learned to appreciate their way of life.

One biographer notes that he “died not at the height of his powers but at the age when he could have done nothing else” and that he was “not even consulted about the Reformation” – another biographer saw his death as a natural death rather than a shock.

Bernard Arnault was also involved in the growth of the French business scene. He was particularly interested in the art of Manufacture and had a liking for all things French.

Said it of him that he was the richest man in France by his great taste and wealth. His wealth was mainly made up of shares in the multiplex of the biggest movie companies in France.

Bernard Arnault and his brothers, Pierre and Bernard, also became involved in politics. Bernard Arnault became a member of the National Front, and his brothers became members of the Parti communistitaire.

Bernard Arnault had many political views, and several were opposed to the Vietnam War. Bernard Arnault died in 1970, and his two brothers died soon after. There has been speculation that their plane crashed while trying to rescue people being evacuated from Vietnam.

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