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January 22, 2022


This article features updates on cryptocurrencies like Avalanche, Matic, Litecoin, and more.

The third week of 2022 is not ending on high as most investors would have expected. All the large cryptocurrencies are crashing fast, with Bitcoin hitting the lowest point since September 2021 to trade at $35,521 at the time of this writing. This has plunged the crypto market price, with most of the large cryptocurrencies now in the red. Here are today’s updates you need to know about the top best cryptocurrencies of 2022.



At the time of this writing, Bitgert was one of the few cryptocurrencies in the green when all the major coins were red. In the last 24 hours, Bitgert has gained over 13%, which is an impressive performance. There are a number of reasons why Bitgert is growing against the market forces, and one of them is the anticipated products the team is developing, with some about to launch.

The Bitgert centralized exchange is one of the products the team is launching in Q1 2022. There is also the upcoming zero gas fee blockchain that is also launching in 2022. But the ongoingBitgert$50,000 airdrop and the expected listing on a tier-1 exchange are some of the reasons more investors are buying $BRISE. Visit the Bitgert website for more, including the 2022 roadmap.



The Centcex project is one of the exciting crypto investment opportunities in 2022. The team working on the project is committed to delivering the roadmap as fast as possible. Currently, Centcex is one of the tokens affected by the plunge, giving buyers a perfect entry point where they can buy more tokens today.

The team is in the advanced stages of the development of the Centcex exchange. The exchange will be a no-KYC protocol. It also comes with ultra-secure programming and the best user experience features. There are also more products coming up. Visit the Centcex website for more, including the Centcex 100% APY staking reward.



The Avalanche popularity has been growing fast due to the fact that it is one of the fastest smart contracts. As one of the best layer-2 scaling solutions in the industry, Avalanche has increasingly become of the best platforms for developers. That’s why the price of the Avalanche token has been doing very well in the market.

However, Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies currently affected by the current plunge. The team boast of the increasing number of projects on the network and the fast-growing Avalanche community on Twitter. The Avalanche team is also expected to bring more scaling solutions to keep this smart contract as the fastest in the industry.



Matic had dropped by over 14% at the time of this writing. It is one of the cryptocurrencies that has been hot by the current plunge. But the rise of Matic will be seen immediately after the market gets a breather. We are likely to see Matic’s price even push past the recent high price of January due to the impact the Polygon platform is creating.

Polygon is a smart contract platform that uses Matic as a token. The contract is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. That’s why there are so many projects migrating the Ethereum network to Polygon (Matic). The many projects joining Polygon are what will make Matic robust in 2022.



There is a lot the Litecoin team has been releasing, and the recent news was on a range of things. The continued growth of the Litecoin wallet addresses is one of the recent updates. The wallet now has over 118 million addresses, which makes Litecoin one of the largest digital currencies. The other news has been on LTC’s continued adoption in the market.

There are more companies that have added Litecoin as a currency for payment. NetCent, Bitpay, and Verifone are the new companies to adopt LTC. There is also a lot to know about Litecoin gaming and also the coming of the Litecoin NFTs. These are some of the updates to know.



The ‘Solana hacker house world tour’ is still the biggest thing right now. The company is pushing to meet developers wherever they are across the world. A team of Solana Engineers is collaborating with the Metaplex developers to reach out to more DeFi and NFT developers across the world.

The program’s objective is to get as many developers on the Solana network as possible. This is very crucial for the growth of more projects on the network. The Solana team is also working on the mainnet to increase the network throughput and make Solana still the fastest blockchain in the industry.



Hoskinson and his team are working on making Cardano become the future financial and social operating system. They want Cardano to be the biggest thing in the crypto industry. The Cardano network is one of the fastest but not as Solana. However, as PoS protocol, it is one of the most efficient networks. The Cardano team is now working on one key element that will make it super competitive -that’s the scalability of the network.

The Cardano team has already developed a powerful layer-2 scaling solution called Hydra. This scaling solution will see the number of transactions per second increase to 1 million. This means Cardano will be the fastest ever blockchain in the crypto industry’s history. This is a project to watch in 2022.

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