Advanced Technology in Mitigating the Human-Machine Gap with AI Cops


Human-machine gap is needed to be bridged with advanced technologies like AI cops

Human and machine teaming are increasingly becoming relevant to a variety of modern industries, and law enforcement is one of them. As machines are gaining more intelligence, their ability to adapt to the interactions with humans is transforming too. AI has brought about big data analytics, machine learning, and automation to reconsider and challenge the most fundamental questions of criminal justice. With the advent of these advanced technologies, the operations of risk crime and criminal justice are becoming more technologically sophisticated and critical. To understand the ideas revolving around the integration of technology to eradicate the differences in human and machine collaboration, we asked if the respondents think that AI is improving the relationship between police and the public.

According to the Analytics Insight survey, around 59.2% of the respondents are unsure if AI can help mitigate the differences between the police and the public, whereas 22.4% of them believe that the advanced AI systems can help build a strong relationship between law enforcement officials and the public, and 18.4% of the respondents think otherwise. 




Maybe  59.2%
Yes  22.4%
No 18.4%

As AI, machine learning, and automation continue to progress further, we asked if the respondents think that AI cops will perform difficult tasks like investigations and interrogations more efficiently. It was observed that about 42.9% of the respondents are unsure about the impacts of AI on these tasks. Around 34.7% of them feel that AI cops will perform these critical tasks more efficiently, whereas 22.4% of the respondents think that AI cops cannot conduct operations like interrogations and investigations better than human cops.

Maybe 42.9%
Yes  34.7%
No 22.4%

That being said, with the increased incorporation of advanced technologies, it was also observed from the survey, about 54.2% of the respondents feel that AI tools can help law enforcement agencies to identify doubtful patterns in criminal cases more efficiently than human cops. While 37.5% of them are unsure of this fact, 8.3% of them feel that AI tools will not be as effective in helping Indian law enforcement agencies.


Yes 54.2%
Maybe  37.5%
No 8.3%


Nowadays, facial recognition technology is being widely deployed by law enforcement agencies. Integrating AI in this technology has amplified its capabilities to a large extent. Around 60.4% of the 251 respondents feel that facial recognition technology can help AI cops identify criminals effectively, about 33.3% of them are unsure about the effectiveness of the existing facial recognition technology, and around 6.3% of them do not think that this technology can be helpful for AI cops to identify criminals.


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