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February 6, 2022

Quantum computing

Companies must be aware of the fusion between quantum computing and cybersecurity

New technological innovations are transforming economies and enhancing our living standards through increased productivity and reduced cost of production. In lieu of this technological evolution, hackers and cyber scammers are innovating new and innovative methods to hack into the systems of individuals and companies and steal the large amounts of data that are being generated with the help of data analytics and AI tools. Hence, cybersecurity has become an integral part of all business strategies and is a means to protect data from intruders. Cybersecurity enables professionals to protect any information available on the devices to assess future risks. One of the key players in this cybersecurity is quantum computing. To replace classical computing and deliver long-standing results, researchers and scientists are exploring quantum computing as a robust tool to enhance the effectiveness of cybersecurity platforms.

Even though there are various ways in which the implications of quantum computing can harm cybersecurity, there are several other qualities of quantum computing that can deliver exponential advantages for certain classes of problems, for example, factoring very large numbers, with profound implications on cybersecurity.


Factors that discourage the use of quantum computing in cybersecurity

One of the biggest worries that cybersecurity analysts are facing currently is the emergence of new devices that are based on quantum physics and are considered to be superior to standard computers. These devices have the reputation of enabling cyber attackers to break into secure cryptography methods. Classical digital ciphers rely on complex mathematical formulas to convert data into encrypted messages for storage and transmission. Consequently, attackers can break into these cryptography codes and steal confidential information.

Cybersecurity experts believe that eventually, quantum computing developers will pose threats to the national security of a country due to their ability to break into modern cryptography systems and reveal encrypted messages and stored data. Besides, hackers can adopt advanced technologies, such as machine learning skills to develop and distribute deadly forms of malware.

Frauds and cybercriminals can also take advantage of the powers of quantum computing to create various novel approaches to breach cybersecurity firewalls. Even though such activities can also be computationally tolling on classic computers, with the integration of quantum computing technology, hackers can take advantage of its advanced features and create sophisticated attacks on larger networks of devices and networks.


How can quantum computing enhance the features of cybersecurity platforms?

Quantum computing is not just about the doom of cybersecurity applications. The technology can also help create robust cybersecurity encryption methods. With the help of privacy-enhancing computing (PEC) techniques, professionals can keep the data encrypted while in use and can also provide in-transit and at-rest protections. Since data privacy is a hot topic for individuals and business leaders, PEC can be deployed to create stronger encryption models. Also, homomorphic encryption can be deployed that enables the third parties to process encrypted data and provide results without ever having the knowledge of either. This type of encryption can use lattices, or some multi-dimensional algebraic constructs that would be impossible for intruders to crack. Cybersecurity is a good potential solution for different types of cybersecurity and encryption issues. Security-concerned companies must definitely understand the importance of quantum flexibility.


How can companies prepare for the quantum future?

Quantum computing is a fast-approaching technology in the cybersecurity domain. Companies need to immediately leap into action and analyze the different ways to deploy quantum to enhance security and block intruders from stealing confidential data. Currently, the industry is witnessing a substantial increase in investment in solving the core problems around scaling error correction and algorithms. Enterprises should start thinking strategically about the long-term risks and the benefits of quantum computing technology and engage in serious ways to deploy the best practices of cybersecurity.

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