6 Reasons to Stay in a Paxos Villa During Holidays

Staying in a villa offers you lots of benefits at cost-effective prices which you could not enjoy even in a luxurious hotel despite paying the high charges. Going through this reason nowadays most of the people prefer to stay in the villas located on the different tourist destinations during their holidays. Taking the advantage of this trend lots of property owners in the small of Paxos are converting their additional or existing property in a villa available for rent to the tourists. Going through this you will find a huge fleet of luxury villas in Paxos during your holidays on this smallest but beautiful island of Greece in the Ionian Sea.

Well, now the question arises that what are the reasons behind the increasing popularity of villas than compared to a hotel. Interestingly, an answer to this question is not possible to be given in a single word or tense, but there are lots of reasons, which are mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs.

  1. Privacy: This can be regarded as the most important reasons for staying in the villas. You will agree that although you pay a huge amount for staying in a hotel according to their daily charges. Still, your privacy is at the verge of being disclosed in front of others. There are chances that you might be recognized by someone who is known to you either personally or professionally and may disturb you. Moving ahead there are lots of services offered by the hotels which a person hesitate to enjoy in front of others. Services like the use of swimming pool, bar, etc, there are lots of people who hesitate in swimming or drinking in front of others. Due to this, they are not able to enjoy their holidays according to their wish. But this does not happen in the villas. On the other side, you have the freedom of using all such services according to your wish without any threat of being noticed by others.
  1. Safety: If you are a celebrity or a renowned person then your presence in a hotel is not only risky for you but also for the others. Because there are chances that your followers may recognize you and start following you. Staying in a villa protects you from all such tensions and offer you a relaxed and comfortable stay.
  1. Everyone Stays With You: Whether you are going for holidays with your family or friends, in hotels all of you cannot stay in a single room nor even in a suit, and therefore you have to book separate rooms for all the family members which could be expensive for you. Or if you want all the people accompanying you in the same room or suite than you have to pay charges for all the services acquired by you. Interestingly, this problem doesn’t happen while staying in a villa. Because you pay rent for the whole villa and then share the rooms according to your convenience.
  1. Freedom Of Determining Your Schedule: There is a custom in almost every hotel that it offers the facility of free breakfast to all its guests staying there during the morning hours for a limited period. Thus, all the guests must be present in the dining hall for breakfast during those hours. If due to any reason you cannot attend the breakfast then it will be not offered to you after that time, even if you are just a few minutes late. But, if you stay in the villa you have the facility of cooking your meals according to your schedule and according to your wish. In the hotels you have to eat the breakfast offered by it, this is not in the villa. Here not only you are free to cook according to your preference but also the facility of a chef is offered to you on demand.
  1. Freedom of Using the Luxurious Facilities: Although the hotels offer you the facility of using their swimming pools, playing area, or any other service, then you have to use it according to their timings and with others. Interestingly, you will not face this problem while staying in villas. Because depending upon the charges these services are offered separately to tourists.  Thus you need not have to share them with other guests.
  1. Cost-Effective: Staying in villas is cost-effective than hotels. Here you pay the same price for a whole house with three to four rooms equipped with luxurious amenities, which you have to pay for a single room in any of the luxurious hotels.

Going through all these reasons staying in villas in Paxos is a beneficial deal than compared to staying in hotels.  

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