5 Inspiring Travel Blogs of Adventurers Who Trek the World on Foot

Within the web age, it is simpler to turn into part of another person’s main achievements. Strolling across the Earth sounds insane, however these 5 persons are doing it and sharing their journey on-line.

Konstantin Konstantinovich Rengarten is commonly known as the primary particular person to realize this feat. He began from Minsk in 1894 and traveled eastwards to finish up again dwelling in 1898. In fact, he did not have social media or blogs to chronicle his journey. However a number of twenty first Century explorers are strolling world wide and posting about it on-line.

1. Out of Eden Walk (Internet): Retrace the Migration Paths of the First People

Paul Salopek, with the National Geographic magazine, is retracing the migration path of the first humans to walk around the earth

Pulitzer-winning journalist Paul Salopek set out on an bold challenge in 2013 known as the Out of Eden Stroll. The plan is to retrace the steps of the primary people and recreate humanity’s migration sample. It is a 24,000-mile journey that can take Salopek ten years.

Salopek chronicles his journey on the Nationwide Geographic web site in an interesting interactive story-telling format. It is a assortment of articles, movies, and images from Salopek’s journey, the place he tries to satisfy voices who would not get a platform in any other case. It is a journey weblog like no different.

You’ll be able to discover the journey by chapter, location, language, and class within the map format. It additionally rapidly exhibits the place Salopek is correct now. Lastly, we might advocate turning on the Editor’s Picks filter to seek out some participating and thought-provoking items in regards to the world we reside in.


The web site carries extra in-depth items, whereas you can even observe Salopek’s journey reside on his social media by updates on Twitter and Instagram.

2. The World Walk (Internet): A Man and a Canine Stroll Across the World

In 2015, Tom Turcich began his epic journey to stroll the Earth for 25,000 miles by totally different international locations and cultures. And about three months in, he adopted Savannah, who has now grown to be as common as he’s, as she’s on the world’s longest canine stroll.

Turcich has been held up at knifepoint and gunpoint by his adventurous travels. He grew to become the primary personal citizen to stroll throughout the Bosphorus Bridge connecting Europe and Asia and had a 24-hour police escort in Algeria. He chronicles all of those by writing entries on his weblog and posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You’ll be able to see him change and develop through the years by these posts, because the learnings of the world make him extra profound.

Turcich participates in native cultures and traditions like all vacationers, however Savannah typically steals the present in his movies and social updates. Sadly, the COVID pandemic interrupted the stroll for 2 years, turning it right into a five-year stroll. Turcich is now on the ultimate leg of his journey returning dwelling, which is a good time to begin following him to see him mirror upon years of studying.

3. Somen Debnath (Internet): Across the World on a Bicycle to Increase HIV/AIDS Consciousness

Somen Debnath is cycling to all countries of the world on a mission to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

From 2004, Indian Somen Debnath launched into a unprecedented journey to go to all 191 international locations on his bicycle, to boost HIV/AIDS consciousness all over the place. He plans to complete his odyssey in December 2022 by returning to India, making this a good time to hop on to his final leg journey.

Debnath shot to fame when he was captured by the Taliban, who beat him and held him captive for days. He finally satisfied them to let him do chores for them, even cooking a curry, after which they launched him. Such extraordinary tales make Debnath’s journey outstanding and value wanting by.

Debnath chronicles his travels and ideas on his website, YouTube channel, and social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The YouTube channel incorporates one of the best content material, and we’d counsel beginning there. You too can Google him to seek out a number of articles and interviews about him from current instances.

4. She Walks The Earth (Internet): Strolling Over 20,000 Miles as a Single Lady

Angela Maxwell is one of the few women to have walked around the world as a solo woman, and is a champion of women's safety and empowerment

A solo journey by a number of the most distant components of Earth is harmful sufficient, however that hazard is amplified while you’re a girl. Angela Maxwell has walked 20,000 miles over 4 continents. She has survived the outback in Western Australia, dengue fever in Vietnam, and a bodily assault in Mongolia, amongst different hardships. That is her story.

Maxwell began in 2013 from her hometown of Bend, Oregon, to go to 14 international locations alone, sleeping in a tent each evening. After being a sufferer of abuse on her trails, she began talking up for girls’s security by her voyage. As Outside magazine put it in her profile, “Maxwell has created a high-wire act of delicacy—to be an instance of a girl who has encountered violence on the planet and likewise to be an instance of going forth anyway.”

In December 2020, Maxwell completed the journey she set out for, returning to her hometown. Her whole expedition was captured in two fascinating articles by BBC and ABC News. She additionally spoke eloquently on the Adventures of Wild Women podcast and delivered a preferred TEDx Talk.

And whereas the journey is over, you possibly can revisit it by a fantastic photo essay on her web site. Equally, dive into Angela’s Instagram, Fb, and YouTube to find older posts in the midst of her journey.

5. Karl Bushby (Internet): Strolling an Unbroken Path Across the World for 22 Years

Karl Bushby is among the many extra well-known names presently making an attempt to circumnavigate the Earth on foot. Bushby has chosen one of the vital difficult routes as he makes an attempt to stroll with unbroken footsteps. The “Goliath Expedition” has two guidelines: he cannot use any transport to advance, and he cannot go dwelling until he arrives on foot.

The deliberate route begins on the southern tip of South America in Chile and traverses up the Americas to cross to Russia, from the place he’ll go westwards in the direction of his dwelling in England. He began the journey in 1998 and continues to be making an attempt to complete it, as he has met with some resistance and issues. Bushby is an ex-paratrooper with the British forces, so some hostile international locations have seen him as a spy or somebody with out noble intentions. This resulted in a mini-mission known as Bushby 3000, the place he went on foot from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to ask the Russian Ambassador to raise his ban.

Nonetheless, Bushby perseveres on, breaking his journey at instances attributable to climate and political causes. For instance, crossing the Bering Strait on foot to go from America to Asia is a time-sensitive and momentous feat. Whereas Bushby’s authentic weblog is now not lively, you could find the previous model on the Wayback Machine, which has an unimaginable entry on the Bering Strait.

Presently, the expedition is paused. Go to Bushby’s previous web site Odyssey XXI on the Wayback Machine to see his journey to date, or observe him on Twitter and Instagram. There’s one other must-read article by him on why he is been strolling the world for 22 years. The video linked above is a wonderful view of what he has been by during the last 20 years, however there’s nothing else price checking on his YouTube channel.

Discover Extra World-Walks

The above is not an exhaustive checklist of people that have walked or ridden world wide. As an alternative, we’re taking a look at those that have finished it within the twenty first Century and are recording most of their journey on blogs and social media.

Wikipedia has a extra intensive list of pedestrian circumnavigators, with a brief description of their achievements. You’ll be able to lookup numerous profiles by this to seek out books these vacationers have written about their expeditions.

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