4 Ways to Earn Brand Loyalty From Your Audience

Brand loyalty, sometimes conflated with customer loyalty in a general sense, refers to the tendency for your customers to choose a brand for every need and stick with it.

What’s the difference between making a one-time sale and a friend for life? In short, brand loyalty. Here are a couple of ways to create an online brand that pulls people in like a magnet.

1. Start a Conversation

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You shouldn’t exist on your audience’s feed solely to sell them some random product. Everybody wants a better skincare routine or a more efficient project management system. What makes yours the one to choose, objectively speaking?

We’re all out here just trying to make a buck, but if you’re at the helm of your own operation, we recommend finding a positive and compelling niche to occupy.

Is your technology greener than the competition? Do you source your ingredients ethically? What makes your X, Y, or Z the superior choice for the customer, no gimmicks or tricks?

Become a source of insight and guidance for your patrons by developing your knowledge base as it relates to what you have to offer them. Expose a problem and guide them to the solution that you represent as an organization. You can use graphic presentations and other media in order to drive your point home intelligently.


2. Use Branded Graphic Design Strategies

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This may include creating a logo or some other graphic element for all of your social media posts, or even something as simple as choosing a few classy, attention-grabbing “team colors” and fonts for all of the media that you create.

When a customer runs into one of your posts or ads, they should know who it’s from before they even have a chance to read the copy. Establishing an attractive, branded visual identity makes your outreach efforts feel professional and well-minded, as opposed to feeling spammy, desperate, and off-the-cuff.

3. Listen to the Customer

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The great thing about the many engagement and social analysis tools at our disposal is that we’re afforded what can often be a painfully candid portrait of how the public is responding to whatever we’re putting out there. If people are reacting positively or negatively to your brand image, you’ll usually be able to find at least one or two common denominators uniting them.

Knowing both what you’re doing well and what appears to be turning people off provides two important channels of customer feedback that you can loop right back into your brand strategy.

4. Incentivize Brand Loyalty

A cross-platform analysis.

Newsletters, subscription services, exclusive freebies, referral programs, and deals for insiders all send an important message to your customers: that you value their business and would like for them to stay.

Throwing the party of a lifetime won’t cost you a dime in many cases—fun bonuses like shout-outs on your social feeds are also great ways to build an online community that orbits your brand and product.

Loyal Customers, Better Business, and a Deeper Connection Between You and Your Audience

What is brand loyalty? There is no hard and fast definition. We like to pretend that we’re making a bunch of friends, en masse and all at once.

Our advice is to be the brand that you would want to buy from. The first step is creating something valuable to offer. Once you’ve finally found your demographic, the rest of the pieces will fall right into place.

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