4 common myths about Windows VPS Server

The Windows VPS Server allows companies to upgrade their basic hosting plans or options to a resource that allows the businesses to deploy their full websites and e-commerce site models at cost-effective prices. Using the Windows virtual private server hosting the user can enable the usage of software and applications which are using the windows technology. 

But, when a newbie starts looking for web hosting plans then there are some myths that are believed by everyone and influence them to choose the other hosting technologies instead of Windows VPS Server plans. Let us share the 4 common myths that need to be clean now if you want to implement your business idea with some extra topping.

#1 VPS are expensive:  If you are thinking that plans of VPS server hosting are costly then we are sharing that it’s not true, you will find the companies offer the more effective prices for the plans. If you check out the price list of the Windows Virtual Private Server, then you will see the difference on your own that they will be less costly than dedicated servers with the same benefits & resources included in the dedicated server packages. 

While this is true that if you want to take the benefits of advanced features and technologies then you have to pay a bit extra but even not these costs make it expensive at all. You can customize your VPS Server packages and buy the only software and applications which are your business demands. This means you have your own choice of how much you want to invest and with the easy upgrade options, you can keep growing your investments on these plans as per your business growth.

#2 Migrating to VPS Server is difficult: Well, we can say the statement on the website migration is 50-50 it might be true or false both at the same time. If you are using good cloud hosting services, then they will provide smooth migration options for the sites which can make the tasks easy. The technical team experts guide the users to migrate the site smoothly, also if you are using cPanel and Plesk, the migration process becomes easy. But when the users migrate their sites from the free hosting panel then the process might be creating issues and might be difficult.

When you migrate your hosting then things which you should do are:

  • When your migration process is completed you have to login into your virtual private server and connect to your windows VPS by using SSH. 
  • Changing the root password to secure access is one of the must-have things you need to remember while migrating your server. 
  • Updating the time zone of the server as per your current location because maybe the default time zone won’t match your time zone.
  • Setup the system locale if you prefer to use your VPS server in any other language than English.
  • You need to create a sudo user from the server root access and then disable the root access from the root username. 
  • The last but not least action you need to perform is to set up an automatic backup of your site on the cloud or local drive for the security of the unfortunate situation. 

#3 Windows VPS Server is only for tech experts: There is another misconception which is in people’s minds that managing VPS Server is difficult to handle without technical experts’ help or expert knowledge. Yes, you need some technical knowledge for sure to manage your VPS server control and monitoring panel but you don’t need to be an expert in this. You only need to know a few things to manage the panels and you will be able to handle it very well.

Although, when you choose any company to purchase Windows VPS Server plans then they have their own technical expert team to help the users to understand the panels. The tech support team guides the users to ensure that they will never face any issues in managing their businesses and also resolve the issues with their instant solutions. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have technical knowledge choose the VPS Server hosting plans now and grow with more speed. 

#4 VPS & Cloud Servers are the same: Again it’s not true, the VPS Servers is a particular service that uses the cloud to operate. And the cloud server is the overall space in which the virtual private servers are operated. Using the virtual private server, you will get more control and customization options that reflect on your website. 

Let us help to know that how Windows VPS server adds benefit to your business to be more sure about choosing a VPS server:

  • Using the physical server, the hosting companies create the virtual space for the users which is 100% private and secured.
  • The VPS server hosting are cost-effective solutions & you will find it mutually beneficial as the dedicated servers with the add-ons of scalability & increased number of resources.
  • The VPS server hosting are designed with the purpose of future-ready solutions which can be upgraded anytime when required.
  • The bandwidth of the VPS servers can be increased & allow the owners to add the various software and applications without any downtime & hatch.

Now maybe after going through these 4 points and knowing about the truth you will ensure that choosing the windows VPS Server is not at all a bad idea. Also, when you choose windows servers then the big brand Microsoft enables their software and applications to take the advantage of the private servers. 

Microsoft invested their years and money both to implement applications that are 100% user-centric and they ensured that they resolve the issues which users were facing. This means migration on Windows VPS Server opens the door of scalability, flexibility, and technology-enabled software which can help the users to fulfill their dream of success and fast growth. 

Choose your choice of hosting plans or customized the needs and shift on virtual private servers now to get the best solutions.

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