4 Apps to Help on Your Journey to Overcome Addiction

Addiction comes in many forms and can easily take control of your life. However, while quitting an addiction is difficult, it is possible. And you can help yourself do it with your smartphone.

Whether you’re looking to beat addiction or stay on track, there are great mobile apps that may make the journey easier.

With sobriety clocks, positive affirmations, and virtual sobriety communities, these apps may help you reach your sobriety goals, no matter where you are in your journey.

1. I Am Sober

One of the most popular sobriety apps on the market, I Am Sober has helped tens of thousands of people quit addictions and stay sober. The app includes everything you need to track your progress and find the motivation to keep going.

With its sobriety clocks, you can easily see how long it’s been since you began your sobriety journey. The clocks automatically adjust themselves, so they’ll be accurate every time you open the app to track your progress.

This means you can focus on stopping your addiction and appreciating your achievements without worrying about manually tracking your stats.

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I Am Sober also contains a community of like-minded individuals who are also working to overcome addictions. You can learn from other members and participate in challenges where people hold you accountable for your sobriety goals.


In addition, the app features groups you can join to share your story and meet other individuals who understand your struggles.

Sobriety can be difficult, but I Am Sober gives you the tools to make it a little easier.

Download: I Am Sober for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

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One of the simplest and most popular sobriety clock apps, Nomo makes it easy to track how long you’ve successfully quit your addiction. By seeing your progress, you can remain motivated to continue your streak of sobriety and take it one day at a time.

While most sobriety clock apps have one basic clock, Nomo understands that addiction is different for everyone. Because of this, the Nomo app allows you to set up multiple sobriety clocks with different start dates for each.

One thing that sets Nomo apart from other sobriety trackers is its range of tools. Its journal feature is great for writing down how you’re feeling and recording any recent struggles you’ve had.

The app also displays messages of encouragement and real success stories to help motivate you. In addition, Nomo has a Refocus feature, which can walk you through stress reduction exercises. This can be especially helpful if stressful situations increase the urge to fall back into your addiction.

No matter what your addictions are, Nomo can track your progress and help you beat them.

Download: Nomo – Sobriety Clocks for iOS | Android (Free)

3. I am – Daily Affirmations

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While it’s not specifically designed for fighting addictions, I am helps to reduce the impact of negative thoughts you might face by replacing them with positive affirmations.

I am is simple: it gives you daily affirmations that help you break negative thinking patterns and build self-esteem. It also sends you notifications that encourage you to stay positive. Over time, you may be able to notice a difference in your thinking patterns.

With I am, you can choose what type of affirmations you want to receive—I am has categories for just about everything you can imagine. You can also choose multiple topics, so don’t feel compelled to stick to one.

For the times when you need some positive encouragement and can’t wait for a notification, I am has the Boost feature. This gives you a boost of encouragement when you need it most.

Often, addiction can be a way of escaping negative thoughts or thinking patterns. While it might not seem like much, a positive affirmation can have a significant impact at the most stressful times during the day.

Having I am installed on your device is a great and simple way to keep making progress toward your goal of quitting addictions.

Download: I am – Daily Affirmations for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. The Phoenix

The Phoenix is an online community for people fighting addictions that has a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices. The app’s name is symbolic of the journey to rise up over addiction and start fresh.

This mobile community of supporters is designed to promote getting active to stay away from addiction. Not only does The Phoenix help you track your sobriety with its sobriety clock, but it can also help you get in better physical shape.

What makes The Phoenix special is they have activities for every level. Some of its classes can even be done in a chair. Others are more intense, and you can switch classes anytime.

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Support from friends and community members is key to both quitting addictions and becoming active. When you’re part of a like-minded group, these challenges may be easier to overcome than doing them alone.

Members of The Phoenix have successfully overcome addictions and are working on staying sober, so you’ll be surrounded by motivation.

The Phoenix organizes in-person meetups in many major cities. The group also has live-streaming services and on-demand classes you can watch anytime. Physical activity can be a great way to improve your physical health and also help you feel accomplished. This can help you remain positive throughout your sobriety journey.

If you’re looking to not only track your sobriety but get in shape and get support from like-minded individuals, The Phoenix is the app for you.

Download: The Phoenix for iOS | Android (Free)

Beating Addiction Is Possible and You Can Use Apps to Help

While apps can’t do all the hard work of overcoming addictions for you, they can make it easier to start and persevere on your sobriety journey.

These great mobile apps are designed to help you stay motivated and keep aiming for success. Maybe one of them will be just what you need to reach your goals.

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