10 Movies on Artificial Intelligence that Engineers Geek Out On

Artificial Intelligence

Movies on Artificial Intelligence have addressed our connection with technology over the years, ranging from tragic to love

Over the past few years, movies on AI have explored our relationship with technology, ranging from catastrophic to romantic. It frequently leaves us with fascinating questions and self-criticisms. These are the ten finest movies that tackle Artificial Intelligence in thoughtful, intriguing ways that you can watch on weekends to help you get through the lockdown blues.


A.I Artificial Intelligence (2001)

A.I. is based on a short tale by Brian Aldiss and depicts the story of a super-duper robot youngster (Haley Joel Osment) who is left by his human owners and sent on a quest to discover his purpose. The film is a long voyage that questions what makes humans and offers few reassuring answers.


Ex Machina (2014)

This is a fascinating approach to artificial intelligence. It unfolds like a horror film, isolating the characters and posing a dangerous menace. It stars Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander, both of whom provide unexpectedly strong performances. Despite having more horror aspects, this claustrophobic chess game explores how we may handle something so akin to us. It’s a captivating reference to Kubrickian narrative, with sensuality and morality in the foreground.


2001: A Space Odessey

HAL is given a fascinating personality, despite his calm and soft-spoken demeanour. His quiet demeanour stands in stark contrast to his ruthlessness. HAL can read lips, refuses to be unplugged, and thinks critically to design his survival. Given his pleas in his death scene, it’s unclear if HAL truly seeks survival or the continuance of his tasks. Human programming might easily be to blame for his aggression, in addition to affording him such immense power. These concepts are huge, and they’ve influenced every AI film since.


Blade Runner (1982)

This Ridley Scott masterpiece is perhaps one of the most well-known science fiction films of all time. The grimy, neon metropolis serves as the ideal setting for this fantastic adaptation. The Replicants are just concerned with their survival; the antagonist’s every move is violent yet thematically sympathetic. Artificial intelligence brains are given intriguing rules to follow. It’s an immersive worldbuilding exercise that’s combative, stylistic, and philosophical.


Transcendence (2014)

When Will Caster’s life is endangered, his companion and wife Evelyn goes one step further and uploads Will’s consciousness into the quantum computer. From here, the plot revolves around Will’s decision to live within his new virtual form. Although some may consider Transcendence to be a cliche, it is one of the greatest films about artificial intelligence ever created.


I am Mother (2019)

I am Mother shows a dystopian world in which a robot rears an adolescent girl to repopulate the world with people after it has been driven out by a virus. When the Mom robot loses power, the daughter, who is first unaware of the reality, begins to notice abnormalities. The narrative of this sci-fi thriller with AI technology is set in motion when the daughter meets another woman.


Singularity (2017)

The film follows the development of a supercomputer by a robotics business to end the goal of ending global conflicts. Things go awry, however, whenever the AI robot thinks that mankind is the world’s greatest threat and wants to exterminate humans. In 97 years, just a few humans have managed to live while hiding from the robot army. Because the plot develops slowly, this film may not be suitable for all audiences.


Wall – E (2008)

Thematically, this Disney picture was surprisingly rich. It does not portray humanity in a favourable light. Of course, there’s the idea that humanity left Earth after we ruined its ecology. In the end, humans rely upon AI for both survival and monotonous duties. While WALL-E learns to love in EVE, we become mindless robots with no contact. The film offers a nice contrast, with plenty of relatives charm and humour.


I, Robot (2004)

The protagonist’s animosity for artificial intelligence is understandable. Rather than pursuing a female, a robot saves him from drowning. It exemplifies the fault of logic-based existence: it lacks empathy. Sonny, the antagonist, is an intriguing guy who is perplexed as to why he stands out among his classmates. Friendships, murder, and judgment are just a few of the topics covered in the film. After all, the protagonist is saved by the old models that we so casually tossed aside.


Her (2013)

This is a video that shows how detached we are as a species. Unlike other romcoms, the protagonist’s connection with AI Samantha is endearing. The concept that we might create our ideal connection by providing personal data is an interesting vice to investigate. Even though the film portrays human relationships as sleazy and unfulfilling, our relationships with AI are always a lie. This is a clear statement on the fault with AI relationships: AI is just beyond our comprehension, resulting in complete unpredictability.

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